Bright Chairs

With the onset of bronchitis, that’s lasted a month and still going strong (!), I really haven’t gotten a lot of my projects done, or started for that matter! But I have been able to surf the web for some pretty design trends. Currently, I’m really liking bright furniture.  Especially in rooms with a dark wall color, or more of a subdued tone. The cheerful tone of these furniture pieces is like a bright lipstick when you don’t have time to paint the rest of your face, they add that extra somethin’. Like these photos that I found on Opal Never Shouts.

Or these lovlies that I found on

Brightly colored furniture I love, but alas, I also have an affection for brightly colored walls as well, it might be too much include both. I can’t have my guests walking in and instantly have a headache with all the color.