Los Angeles: The Sights

Woo hoo! The final post of my Los Angeles shots, aren’t you excited to see all the sights that I deemed worthy to shoot, edit, and ultimately post on Casa de Yellow? I know, I can’t wait either…

So, where to start…how about with some random shots? Is that ok?? Well, since no one answered, I’ll start with some of my favorites.

I’m a sucker for interesting architecture, there were so many grogeous buildings downtown.

Aside from ooohing and aawwing over the architecture, I went on a few tours of the grand city. Mostly I got to ride by several interesting spots.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall

Capital Records

The hotel where Whitney Houston died.

An old coffee shop that I am told is used as set in many films and TV shows.

CBS, I was hoping to get a glimpse of Craig Ferguson, but no luck.

Sony Pictures, where our tour guide ran into Will Smith. They wouldn’t let me wait around for anther Will appearance, so instead I did a little shopping. Well, window shopping, and the window was on the bus as we were driving by at  50 mph.

This was as close to the beach I got on this trip. Darn those work trips that don’t allow much time for relaxation.

At one point we took a little 15 minute break at the Griffith Observatory.

Despite the crowds, the views were spectacular!

The next day I got to go on a tour to Disneyland! Yeah, I know totally sacrificing there, all for the price of professional development. It was actually pretty cool, they showed us how the park was planned and how it’s changed the city of Anaheim over the past 60 years. (Sorry, I got all Plannery on you, my 9 to 5 is in City Planning. Exciting stuff!)

“Someday I’ll be part of his world.” If she meant Mickey, then she is definitely in his world…or in this case land.

In between conferencing and touring, I had a little time do some sight seeing on my own.

Boats, actually in the water! This is not something you see too often in the southwest, considering all we have is sandy beach.

I loved the landscaping throughout, apparently since the weather is so mild those in LA can pretty much grow anything.


Then I got to do some window shopping outside of a tour bus.

Doesn’t this bed look like the bed from Mad Men that Don and Betty Draper share?

Who wants a horse head lamp?

How about the whole horse? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

And everyday that I was in LA I got to walk by the Staples Center, and everyday there was an event that would draw THOUSANDS of people. And those thousands would wander around the Nokia Center.

Which is across the street from the Staples Center. With loads of statues of sporting greats that I don’t really know. Except for Magic Johnson and Wayne Gretzky.

And that my friends, sums up my work trip to Los Angeles. Sorry for the 500 words and the 40 kazillion photos!

Have you ever been to the City of Angels? What was your favorite part? I have to admit, my fave place out of the entire trip, had to have been Bottega Louie. Which has to be pretty obvious since I dedicated an entire post to it!


Bottega Louie

When you heard from me last I went on about my lodging while in Los Angeles. Today I wanted to talk about where I ate while in LA., honestly there should be more pictures of food as I did eat at more than one restaurant and did have more than just beautiful baked goods. But apparently other meals weren’t nearly as camera ready as this particular dining experience.

The first meal was had at the beautiful Bottega Louie in downtown LA. I had the lasagna with the traditional meat sauce. It was pretty good, not amazing, but very edible.

Honestly though, the draw for me was the gorgeous baked goods and sweets that ol’ Louie offered.

Oh yeah, and those colorful cookies up there are called macarons they are not pronounced nor anything similar to their coconut laden cookie cousin macaroons. Theses guys are the most light and DE-licous thing I’ve had, well ever. I want to learn how to make them and decorate my home with them, they are that pretty and yummy. And of course I had to buy some to bring home. If you ever find yourself in downtown LA, I highly suggest you pay Bottega Louie a visit, but expect to pay a pretty penny. My box of five cookies was $10.

But oh so worth it, I even saved the box. Isn’t it pretty? I don’t know what I’ll do with it, but my hoarding tendencies tell me to hang on to it. Maybe I’ll keep it to store stray earrings.

Aside from the cute little cookie hamburgers, I brought back truffles for the ladies in my office:

And butter cookies for my Bubba:

All baked goods were gone in less than two days, I’d say they went over very well with their recipients!

Meals had after Bottega Louie were just as delicious but apparently weren’t nearly as photo worthy, but believe me when I say I had more to eat other than lasagna and cookies while visiting the great City of Angels. Although cookies and lasagna wouldn’t be a horrible diet, but my jeans would say probably say otherwise.

Stay tuned for the next post, I’ll be sharing all the sights I saw while in LA!