Fall at the River

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!  Those of you celebrating Thanksgiving are probably busy preparing for the major feast to occur tomorrow. So, I thought I’d give you a nice break from house cleaning, pie making, and in general feast prepping by sharing some shots I took a few weeks ago at the River. We call it the river around these parts, because there’s really only one major river running through the entire state, the Rio Grande. And around these parts we call the banks of the Rio Grande The Bosque.

Since I couldn’t make it up to the mountains to see the changing of the Aspens this year, I ventured out to the Bosque to see the changing of the Cottonwoods and various other trees I don’t know the name of.

The trails through this area are super sandy, and require appropriate footwear.

Of course I came fully prepared. ICKY! I’ve got 40 pairs of shoes, at least 10 of those being sneakers and in general comfy shoes that would prevent river dust/sand from getting between ones toes. Did I wear those shoes? Nope. I had to wear my shopping sandles because darn it, it’s still 70 degrees outside! I’ll have to keep a spare pair of sneaks in the trunk for impromptu river walks.

After muddling through the nastiness of sand between my toes, Bubba and I took the obligatory facebook shot. This was a day after a hair cut, so glad my bangs have grown out of their buster brown phase.

In years past we’ve brought our brat dogs, but every year they’d find a patch of these burrs. I don’t know how much time I’ve spent picking these nasty suckers out of fur. But they make a pretty picture when they aren’t causing a member of my doggie brat pack pain.

While I was enjoying nature and snapping pics, Bubba was also enjoying nature in his own way. I just know he’s gonna get arthritis in his thumbs some day.

And ya know, it’s not just fall at the river, it’s also fall around the office.  I snapped these one day while taking a little walking break.

That’s a view of the river from a balcony.

And in this tree lives a family of hawks, sounds romantic but it’s not so great when you see the remants of their pigeon dinner scattered throughout the parking lot. *SHIVERS*

This is the tree I park under everyday, it’s like magic in the fall.

And on that magical note, I’ll leaf you all to enjoy your eve of Thanksgiving!!