I’m Floored

When I first purchased my home, I wanted to rip out the carpet and have pretty wood floors installed. However, after realizing the cost of such an endeavour, I’ve decided that since the carpet is only a couple of years old I’ll just have to wait on any type of new flooring. But that just gives me some time to research different types of flooring. There are so many choices for flooring out there, it’s just so hard to decide. Here are some of my top choices.

Traditional wood flooring, in a dark-ish stain. However, this would be difficult to install in my casa, since it sits on a concrete slab. An entirely new subfloor would need to be installed.

Image courtesy of Lumber Liquidator

There’s the eco friendly Bamboo option, but we’d still have the same issue with subflooring.

Image Courtesy of Lumber Liquidator

Also eco-friendly, is Cork, but I’m not quite sure how I feel about this option. It looks like it would be really absorbent, but I do like the texture it brings with it.

Image Courtesy of Lumber liquidator

Then there’s stained concrete. This is my favorite option, because it won’t require any type of subflooring or padding. So if something spills or leaks there won’t be anywhere for it to seep. And there are lots of different design choices when it comes to stained concrete.

Image Courtesy of Concrete Ideas

Image Courtesy of Concrete Ideas

Image Courtesy of Concrete Ideas

Nothing is set in concrete (heh heh) ,but I am really looking forward to having some easy clean floors in the near future. Carpet is just too spongy for my taste.