31 Days: Enjoyment

Apparently blogging for 31 days in a row is completely beyond me, I just can’t seem to physically sit down and get a post written. I do apologize for the absence, seeing as how I have pledged to blog everyday for the month of October and I’ve gotten 9 posts published when there should be 17. But hey, at least there are 9 of them!!  I hope to get caught up on the missing days so that in the end there will be 31 glorious and highly informative posts .

Speaking of my absence, I’ve been busy the past week looking up at the sky. No, it’s not a bird, or a plane or Superman, but Balloon Fiesta season.

See those teeny tiny dots? Those are hot air balloons, gracefully floating in the sky. This was as close I dared get in my PJ’s and morning hair, seeing as how the mass ascensions (a large number of balloons lifting off at the same time) occur in the very early morning hours. This was the last one of the day, happening around 8 am. (Which explains the PJ’s and morning hair on a Saturday morning) I hear the first wave happens around 6 or 7 in the morning. Seeing as I’m a complete vampire when it comes to mornings I’ve never seen the very early mass ascensions and probably never will unless I suddenly and miraculously become a morning person. But I’m not holding my breath.

Besides that, during Balloon Fiesta I don’t even have to leave my driveway to see awesomeness floating in the sky. Like this Captain America balloon or one of my favorites, Sharky. Although I think this guy is supposed to be the shark from Finding Nemo.

 I should mention, the balloon names I’ve assigned to my favorites are names that I have given them, they may not necessarily the official name of the aircraft.  Ya know, since they didn’t ask me what they should name their very large and very expensive balloon in the first place.

Last year I talked about watching a balloon land you can read more about that here.

In years past Bubba and I would drive around town to get a better view. Usually we bring the dogs, because ya know we love the glaring looks from our loving and always faithful furry companions.

Insert gratuitous dog picture here.

So, that pretty much wraps up Balloon Fiesta 2012, it was a great week of getting it done: enjoyment.