The Open Concept

Nearly 3:30 AM New Mexico time, perfect time to write a post wouldn’t you say? Most people would say this would be the perfect time to be snug in ones bed dreaming of new paint choices for the spare room, but not my little brain. She thinks 3:30 in the morn is the time to babble on about nonsensical things, like…well…she can’t think of anything nonsensical enough to share at the moment. Maybe, it is too late for my little brain, or too early…there are people in the world who will be getting out of bed in a couple of hours for that morning run, I call those people crazy. They call me crazy for staying up past 10PM. But hey…someone has to YouTube silly cat videos.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot besides not getting enough sleep and youtubing silly cat videos. Over the 4th of July weekend (has it really been that long since I blogged about something other than dogs? Or blogged at all? Sad day…), Bubba left me home alone for a full 12 hours. And , I may have done something drastic with all that quiet time in an empty house….

moldywallI seem to have misplaced the memory card that held any before shots, but this is in my kitchen, the wall between the kitchen, utility room, and a small coat closet. Previously, there had been a cabinet in this space, hence the white outline of said cabinet. That’s really how this all started out, I wanted to move the cabinet that we dubbed the “buffet”, which is little more than a cheap free standing piece of cabinetry one finds at Home Depot, to the other side of the stove which currently had only one 3 ft section of counter space adjacent. This would be so much easier if I could illustrate with photos.

Anywho, after moving the cabinet, I began work on a simple wall patch and paint project. Or so I thought, the one little hole seemed a bit soft, so I pulled on the dry wall, and found mold. I was dismayed, and freaked…mold is never good, and is always disgusting. Especially, when you see it in a piece of cheese you’ve just bitten into, but even more so when it’s found in your wall. So, I pulled out a hammer and started to take out more drywall…and then more..and more…until I was left with this huge hole. Then I realized there was mold in the closet too.

This is what my living room looked like when I had to pull the contents out of the closet to remove nasty, green, and slightly frightening drywall…

messylivingroomOy and vey!!

And since no post is complete without a dog photo, here’s Goldie helping me through the process of nasty drywall removal…

goldiehelpingGood dog…

Apparently, there is an old washer hook up that still has water running to it, which I theorize caused the mold and the leak. So, a few days after my “simple patch job” and a good scrubbing with bleach and water, Bubba recapped them and everything seems to be staying pretty dry.

After having removed drywall from the kitchen side and the closet, I was left with the task of covering my newly formed “open concept”  with new drywall.


Apparently, I can’t cut a straight piece of drywall. Good thing, I’ve got a day job. The crooked drywall stayed in my kitchen for a couple more weeks mocking me, and my inability to properly use a utility knife. Until Bubba came through, saved the day, and installed some nice even drywall.

fixeddrywallNever mind the mess, nor the spare key on the wall. Bubba wanted to ensure the safety of our vehicle by placing the key in an inconspicuous spot.

So, here’s the straightened out drywall, I did the mudding (is that the proper terminology?). I’m quite proud of it, as you can tell I’ve babbled on about it for nearly 600 words. But darn, this one little project has kicked my butt. Maybe, it’s lack of time and patience on my part, but this project has taken entirely too long for my liking.

We still have to make it pretty, I would like to put some bead board on this wall, with some crown molding. Similar to this..

Via Clarendon Lane

In the mean time, I’ve been finding, shall we say less challenging projects to complete, in the hopes they will fortify my confidence levels.


I’ve now finished painting the front room, took me two weeks including procrastination time, but darn it, I finished something. The new color is the greeny-blue and the old color is that beigy-peach, so technical, Benjamin Moore should hire me to name all their paints! I’ll post photos of this room someday, maybe tomorrow. The room is back together again, so there is something pretty and complete to show you. And since I am currently enjoying annual leave, I’ll have time to take those shots while the sun is still up and pretty. *Insert Dance of Joy*

All this to say, I don’t think my husband will be leaving me home alone again for fear of what I might destroy next. He just doesn’t appreciate the open concept. Who needs walls, we’re all family here.



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