Thrifting Thursday: Thrifting with the Royals

Can everyone say Friday-Eve? Yeah, that’s what I call Thursday’s now, makes them that much more jovial dontcha think? Well, to celebrate the wonderfull-ness that is Friday Eve, I like to partake in what I call Thrifting Thursday. A time when I stop and reflect on all things gloriously thrifted. It’s been a very long time since I’ve gotten to celebrate my Friday Eve in such a manner, so I might be a little rusty. But here goes….

This week I’ll be showing you all the great and marvelous thrifty goodness I’ve spotted while out and about.


If only I could sew. I loved this Pfaff sewing machine. The chair went under the table and looked like a drawer when stowed away.                        It was adorable.


Apparently, this guy was purchased in June of 1962. I love it when these items come with a known story. Ya know, instead of making one up to fill in the gaps.


Then I found this giant. I loved the chunky wood and the sturdy-ness. Not so much the dark wood, but that can always be changed.


If you don’t believe me about the chunky-ness, here’s a shot of the lower door. That’s at least 3 inches thick.


And the little drawers were just as chunky. Let’s just say if this cabinet were a woman, she’d be wearing curvy fit jeans.


Speaking of curvy, I’m such a sucker for chests with curvy lines. Wait, that came out wrong. I think you know what I mean.

It was all I could do to leave this curvy beauty, but she was a bit wibbly wobbly (timey wimey, Doctor Who much?) and I didn’t have the time to rid of her of her wibble.  So, she was left to be adopted by someone else who had the time for her, doesn’t every girl deserve that?


Oh, have I mentioned how much I love old electronics. I don’t necessarily want to bring them home, but I do enjoy a quick sniff around to see what they’re all about.


This one had me with all those cool knobs, well the two knobs. There aren’t many things you can buy these days that have knobs on them.


I’m not a coffee drinker, but I liked the way this coffee grinder looked. Maybe it’s the history and the untold story that intrigued me.


And I found these awesome thrones! I have no idea what I would have done with them, but darn it they’re thrones and everyone knows a queen needs a throne for her castle.


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