Fear Not

Before I delve into the all important world of thrifting, life with dogs, and other varying frivolous forms of everyday life, I need to take a moment to mention the 4 heroic teachers and 20 little souls who moved from this world to the next in a small elementary school in Newtown Connecticut. It is my prayer that their families will somehow find peace during this indescribably painful time. Hopefully, somehow and someway something good can from from this tragedy.

If you would like to offer some type of support to the hurting families and the community in which they share, Roo author of a blog titled NiceGirlNotes has listed several opportunities to do so, here.

There is so much fear in this world, so much loss of earthly lives, it’s easy to be afraid of what might be lurking in the shadows. But there is peace, that peace is waiting for you, with His hand outstretched waiting to take your hand in His.



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