31 Days: Goose Heads and Dog Beds

A couple weeks ago, I finally got around to hanging something on the wall that I’ve been putting off for far too long.

She may seem silly, but her smiling face makes me smile right back. I think she was originally meant to hang in a kitchen and hold aprons and towels and other kitchen hang-y things. But I hung her up in my living room, right above Goldie’s chair.

And yes, the dog has a chair, no one else is allowed to sit it in but her. Well, you can, but then you’d be covered in Goldie “needles”. That’s why I keep a blanket on the chair, to prevent further Goldie needles from embedding themselves in the upholstery. I would love to replace this chair, and the orange one that it faces with a pair of nice leather club chairs. I love the idea of being able to just wipe the Goldie needles from furniture, because ya know, it’s just too easy to train the dog from getting on the furniture in the first place.

I hung Ms. Goose with a set of mini-mirrors I picked up at an estate sale a couple years back and a painting from a local thrift store. The painting is a little girly, but I loved the soft colors, they are soothing. And soothing is something I need to see when I first walk into the house, since this is the wall that faces the front door.

Apparently, I have something for farm animal heads, I found the three of these at Goodwill a few months back with the ribbons already attached, I just hung them on the old dog leash hooks. Oh, and remember, the big pig head I was so proud of?

Yeah, he bit the dust while living on the floor of my bedroom when a bottle of body splash fell on him. There was much gnashing of teeth while picking the white piggy shards of ceramic out of the carpet. As well as much mourning in the kingdom when he was laid to rest in the trash can. He was too young, and never got to enjoy life on my wall.

That’s way I decided it was finally time to “get it done” by hanging Goose-y head before she met the same end as piggy head. I love these small little tweaks, they give me incentive to do more! Until of course, I get distracted by something on TV, or a squirrel. Squirrel!


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