31 Days Day 5: Lolita and Car Repairs

So far this week, I’ve introduced you to my plans for tackling 31 projects within the month of October, I got to complain about waterlines running annoyingly through the middle of a flower bed my clearance plants were to be planted, and you got to see how I made my living room and front porch look autumn like and such. Not exactly meaty topics, I realize it may be a bit of let down, it’s a let down for me too. I didn’t realize how much time it would take to have a project done everyday, and share that project with you, my awesome and ever so patient readers, with an awesome, intelligently written, picture laden post. ( Could that sentence have more commas in it?) Apparently, it will be one or the other around these parts, so it’s your choice, a project done with one picture and very few words, or a non-project with lots of words.

Anywho, I mention all this to say, I don’t have a project done to share with you. So, it’ll be a wordy post today. Aren’t you lucky?

But I did have to get the fuel pump replaced on my car. And I have the bill to prove it. That should count as a project.

I’m $1,000 lighter now, but my car has a working fuel gauge and the check engine light isn’t on all the time. Which means, I was able to pass my emissions test, which means, my car is legally registered now. I was a day late in renewing my registration, which bugged me to no end. Everytime a police car got near me I’d get a little sweaty. Oh, and if you are lucky enough to live in a county that doesn’t require an emissions test, here’s a little background…

An emmissions test consists of five parts:

  • On-Board Diagnostic 2 – Tests vehicle emission control equipment functions
  • Tailpipe exhaust analysis – Measures carbon monoxide and hydrocardon emissions
  • Pollution control equipment – Verifies equipment installation and connections
  • Visible emissions – Checks for tailpipe smoke
  • Gas cap pressure – Ensures cap holds tight seal

All this to say that if your car’s check engine light is on, you won’t pass the emissions test, which means you won’t be able to get your car registered, which means you’ll be driving an illegal car, which means they will catch you, and haul you off to jail, which means your cell mate, Lolita will cut you. Which means, I paid $1000 to get the fuel pump fixed, which means I finally passed the emissions test and got my registration, which means my car is now legal, which means I won’t get caught, and hauled to jail where my cellmate, Lolita would have cut me.

Which means, it’s Friday, and I’m out of words.

Happy Friday, I’ll be back tomorrow with another life changing post! And fewer “which means”.


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