Christmas 2011

Ok, so this blog has been a little stagnet since Christmas has come and gone. I have plenty of excuses, but  I won’t bore you with the details. Let’s just say, I’ve been very busy and very preoccupied. I am sure that all 2 of my readers have been missing my posts filled with juvenile jokes and sarcasm. (Hi Mom, Hi Big Sister!)

I have lots to share with you, so be prepared for a picture filled and wordy post.

Let’s start off with Christmas, Bubba and I went to spend the holiday with mom. It snowed…A LOT. In fact, we had to dig our way into her driveway. Here’s photographic evidence:

After shoveling our way back to the house, we gathered around the tree and giggled, with squinty eyes and double chins.

And then, there was more squinty-eyed giggling:

Then we tried a serious shot, which turned into another blurry but giggly shot:

And this shot that must have left a bad taste in Mom’s mouth :

This is the best non-blurry non squinty eyed shot we were able to get:

After taking the traditional pictures in front of the tree it was time to open presents, isn’t that everyone’s favorite part? Aside from the food of course.

(Ignore the bags and dark circles under my eyes, during the holiday season I was sick. Fortunately, it wasn’t with the ba-hum bugs!)

After presents were opened, and dinner had been eaten it was time to relax on the couch:

Especially have to deal with all that snow and cold. Did I mention the snow? There was so much snow I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it on the way to Grants.

The drifts were so high in town, you could barely see the businesses from the road!  (This ones for you Big Sister, our old hang out, El Cheapos 😉

The cold caused some pretty scary looking icicles too.

Once inside in the nice warm house with a nice cup-a peppermint tea I could enjoy the beautiful Christmas cheer all around the house.

After Christmas, Bubba and I headed back to our little shoebox for a couple of days to rest. Then we were headed south to visit our old stomping grounds in Las Cruces. Those photos will be in the next installment of April’s Holiday Palooza!

How were your holidays? Did you see much snow? Drink lots of co-co? Dig your way into a driveway?


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