New Digs!!

Actually, they aren’t my new digs, but the Sweetie and I rented them to house our out of town guests for our wedding. Yes, I can call it a wedding now, since it’s over and done with. *Enter relieved and exhausted sigh here*

Anywho, here are some very blurry shots I took as we all hurriedly gathered our things to leave our little mansion away from home.

I loved the stained concrete driveway. And of course the grand entry way, in fact, there were two of them!! See?

The front door was ginormous!!

And the grandness continues once you come inside….

See those pretty wooden pretties? (Yes, I just used “pretty” twice in one sentence.) Those were all over the house.

And the kitchen was spectacular! Just hanging out in that thing I felt like I should start calling myself Tipper (or another rich person name, that would otherwise have gone to a fluffy white poodle).

The counter tops were pretty, a little dark for my taste, but still picture worthy.

And the pantry was ginormous! I know I’ve used different variations of that word in this post. But everything in this house, just seemed HUGE! Especially compared to my sweet 1200 sq ft abode.

The main island and the smaller island in the foreground were tiled in a pretty green tile. Oh, and did you catch that? This baby had TWO islands!!

And if you can’t tell, this house was ROUND. The living room was round, the kitchen was round, even the fireplace was round.

And if I had my other camera, I could show you the round windows that encircled the living room. Instead, I’ll show you the round windows in the master bedroom.

Which probably would have been more dramatic had I taken the time to open all the blinds. Anywho, the master was HUGE. And I don’t mean, Oh, it’s slightly larger than my closet huge. I mean huge as in I could fit my casa in this thing huge. And that’s just the master bedroom and bath.

It even had it’s own grand entrance.

The master bath, had to have been my favorite. This was taken from the bedroom looking into the bathroom. There were TWO walk-in closets, a HUGE jetted tub, a walk-in shower with a “seating area”, and of course a water closet (I love saying that, I guess it’s the Tipper in me coming out again.)

And when we first saw the master bath, they had folded a towel in the shape of a swan by the tub, just like those fancy schamncy hotels.  Wish I had taken a picture of it before it got used!

I know a double sink wouldn’t seem like a big deal to most folks, but after sharing a sink with the sweetie for a while now. I can definitely appreciate a luxury such as this.

A bit blurry and dark, but the shower just seemed so fancy to me, I had to include a shot of it.

The sweets and I have considered renting the house again so that we can enjoy it more. With the wedding and all that had to get done, we really didn’t get a chance to scope it out. I didn’t even get to take a bath in the big pool of a tub!

This house was beautiful, but honestly, I couldn’t have been happier to come home to our sweet little casa. There’s something about coming home to your home. Especially when it’s so small you don’t have to get up to talk to your husband who is in the back of the house while you are in the living room. There’s something to be said for slothfulness.


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