Estate of Mind

With the planning of an “event” that still hasn’t taken place, I haven’t really set aside time to post all of the wonderful things I have planned to talk about.  There’s a lot happening at the Yellow Casa, aside from the big event slated to happen soon (I won’t be sharing a date until after the big event, everytime a date is announced something happens and causes us to change the date. Call me supersitous but I’m not willing to postpone that most special festivity again.), we’ve got Christmas time coming up.

I love Christmas, the smells, the sounds, but more importantly, I love “reason for the season”. It’s truly a time to celebrate Christ, and His wonderous love.

Recently the Sweetie and I hit up the local Goodwill and various estate sales. Here’s a glimpse into some of my Goodwill Hunting and Estating adventures.

First up, milk glass bowls.

These beauties are from Anchor Hocking, and according to e-bay and other “reliable” sites, they could be from the late 1940’s to the mid 1970’s. I have a hunch they are the ’70’s variety. But aren’t they cute with their little handles? And at .59 a piece I just couldn’t pass them up. They are perfect for that late night bowl of Lucky Charms , not too little but not too much. However my jeans would say otherwise.

Next we have the cheese dome.

I’ve really been jonesin’ for one of these. It’s small,  just perfect for a little pretty, and it only set me back $3. For fall, I put one of my many ceramic gourds inside. Much to my brother’s irritation, he couldn’t understand why I would want such a small “cake plate” and then not put cake in it, but a fake pumpkin.  Boys, sometimes they just don’t understand “pretties”.

And some more milk glass.

Have I mentioned how much I love milk glass? Well, I really love milk glass and I seem to be building quite a collection of it. This candy dish was too pretty to pass up. At $5 it seemed a little high to me, but I loved it too much to put it back down. And so, it sits on our coffee table, looking pretty, I even put some Christmas peppermint in it.  So Christmas-y!

And of course, the Sweetie and I can’t seem to leave a yard sale, estate sale, or thrift store without picking up a vintag-y looking book.

This was one of the Sweetie’s finds, he loves books with more than one story in them. So, this fit the bill perfectly for him.

Me and my shaky hands, makes for some pretty fuzzy pictures. This one isn’t as old as some of our other finds, it was last copywrited in 1960. Still a pretty cool book for a buck.

Here’s another fuzzy book. This one was one of my finds.

Alfred Hitchcock’s “Stories for Late at Night”, oooh spoooky! I love the cover of this one. Can you count how many Alfred’s appear?

Aside from estate sale-ing, and Goodwill hunting, we’ve been doing some of this:

Spying on the neighborhood, from the couch. Everything is better when done from your own comfy sofa.

Annie dog especially loves being sneaky about spying on the neighborhood, while lounging on the sofa.

And since the Christmas season is upon us, the Sweetie and I have been decking the halls of our casa.

More to come on Christmas at the yellow casa. We are still working on decking the halls. If we can make time in between our junk shopping hobby this weekend!





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