Wreathing in Autumn!

After hanging my old fall wreath on my door over a month ago, I realized how beat up the poor little guy was starting to look.  So, I started the search for a new wreath. I found some really pretty ideas over at my old faithful, Better Homes and Gardens. Or as the writers of the Simpson’s would say, “Better Homes than Yours”, which I find hilarious and can’t help but call BHG that in my head. But, without further ado, here are the wreaths according to BHG. As always, feel free to click on a picture for more information:

Feather me tickled! Or however that saying goes. I don’t know if I would use feathers, but I still like the visual appeal this wreath has.

I really liked this one, because it could be used through Christmas. Gotta love something that can work for multiple seasons!

So, simply yet so elegant.

A Star A Star, Dancing in the Night!!! Don’t you think this could be used from the fall all the way through Christmas?

I had to include this one because of the red door. I love red doors!


Here’s a pretty yellow wreath, gotta love yellow it’s so warm and cheery!

Here’s a wreath made out of a re-purposed serving tray. What a great way to use an item in an unexpected way!

So many great ideas, and so many pictures! I really do love this time year!



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