We all need more thyme…

With my dirty house and uncompleted projects, not to mention my frazzled mind,  I thought it appropriate to share some time management tips I’ve found while lurking around the web. Maybe it will encourage me to actually implement them in my own life. Hopefully, then all the painting and cleaning and organizing will finally get done!

{Table and Home}

1. Keep a list. Yeah, this would be a good tip, only if I could keep track of my list. But funnily enough, those helpful little lists always end up being found at the bottom of my purse a month after the fact.Maybe I should clean out my purse more often. Or stop making lists and then sticking them in my purse!


2. Evaluate how you spend your time. O.K., this is a big one for me. And I must make a confession here, I am a TV junkie! The first thing I do when coming in from work is turn the TV on. Of course after petting the dog, and getting a plate full of yumminess that the sweetie has concocted. If I were to omit the TV portion of my evening, that would free up a good 3 or 4 hours of time that could be spent making my casa the casa I know it could be. (Yes, I am militant about giving my house a pep talk.)


3. Plan your week. This could be helpful, at one point in my life I remember that Monday’s were always grocery shopping and laundry days. Now a days, Monday’s are come home plop on the couch and watch Monday night sitcoms.  No laundry gets done, which my overstuffed hamper can attest to, and our pantry is filled with food that the sweetie has deemed acceptable. Honestly, I haven’t found Ramen noodles acceptable healthy fair since I was a 21 year old college student. The ingredients for his yummy meals are usually purchased that evening. So, we never have food on hand to prepare a quick and healthy dinner. If I do not set aside an evening to do laundry then I at least need to re institute my Monday night trip to the grocery store.

There you have it, three good solid tips to a more timely life! That sounded like it should be in an obituary. Maybe, 3 time saving tips to allow you to get your house clean and still watch Monday night sitcoms!


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