On a dark and stormy night…

On a dark and stormy night a girl, her sweetheart and their dog went on a drive and took some blurry pictures. Actually, it was a dark and stormy night, just right for a dramatic drive around town. Annie who is dog loves car rides especially when there are storms a brewin’.

Even sweetie likes our little evening drives, or in this case an evening park. New Mexico rarely gets rain, but when it happens everyone seems to freeze on the road, as New Mexicans seem to have difficulty operating a vehicle on a slightly damp road. But give us strong winds and icey roads and we’re good to go.

Here’s some blurry shots of the sky:

I had to include sweetie enjoying his evening drive. Just as Annie who is dog enjoys a good evening outing, we do as well.

But alas, the clouds have parted to reveal our beautiful New Mexico sky once again. Hopefully soon, we’ll have another dramatic stormy night to capture, with less fuzzy pictures.


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