Scrub a dub dub…whose got mildew?

This past week I had an exhaust fan installed in my bathroom. Previously, there had been a heat lamp, are you getting a visual here? No vent, heat lamp, moist area, can we say MILDEW?

So this weekend, I will be scrubbing my bathroom walls and ceiling to rid them of their green fuzzy lil friends. And painting, I will finally be painting over the peach crayon color the previous owner painted the bathroom.

Instead the bathroom will be a shade of blue, which blue I am still undecided about. I am leading towards this light blue that my sweetie picked out. It’s called Cincinnatian Hotel Abbey.

Courtesy of

Or this, which is one of my picks, it’s called Lyndhurst Duchess Blue. I’m thinking this would look nice in my bedroom if I decide not to use it in the bathroom.

Another one of my picks, Woodlawn Charm. It’s  a nice bluey green, very bright when put on the wall though. So I’m not sure if I want that much bright first thing in the morning when I’m in the bathroom doing my morning routine.

Even if I can’t decide on a paint color by the end of today, I will still be scrubbing and priming. Even primer will look better on the walls as opposed to that peach color. I love the  fruit but I dislike the color, BLEH.

But even with all of my scrubbing priming, and general weekend chores, I will still take time to remember why we celebrate Memorial Day. And why it is called Memorial Day. Thank you service men and women for all you have sacrificed to maintain our freedom.


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