The beginning of things…

Since moving into my home almost 2 years ago, the items on my to-do list have mutliplied, and few have been marked off.  When I first moved in I wanted to paint every wall in my house.  So far, I have painted the kitchen, living room, a bedroom, and hopefully soon the bathroom. All other rooms in the house are still the same peach crayon color they were when I placed my welcome mat down on the front porch. In fact, the rooms that have been painted don’t even have anything on the walls, because I just can’t decide what to put on them.  Enter Polyvore, sweet polyvore… it has become my friend. This wonderful tool allows me to shop for my rooms, and see how my favorite items go together. Which might give me the motivation to get something on my walls.

Here is what I would like my living room to look like someday. The walls are already yellow, this might change someday.  The leather couch, I recently purchased, all the rest will be things I need to be on the look out for.

I loved the way the white end table, coffee table, and media center sort of brightened up the dark couch. The rug brought in some much needed texture, but also goes with the darker tone of the couch. The use of red, white, and black accents should bring it all together.


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