Screaming for Ice Cream…

Last week I had mentioned doing a post about ice cream once a week. But with some whimpering from my jeans and the fear that I might pop a button off of them that could possibly land in someones eye, I’ve decided to make these more of an occasional post rather than a weekly.  Which bodes well with my waistline and my jeans.

Last night, instead of having a healthy bowl of Special K, or a nice piece of watermelon, I decided to jump off the healthy snack wagon and have a little scoop of heaven in a bowl.

Blue Bell’s  Peaches and Homemade Vanilla. Heavenly does not begin to describe it. It was all I could do to stop at one small ice cream bowl, but my poor jeans were screaming in pain from all of the stretching. And there was that little fear of buttons flying off of my screaming jeans that kept my need for seconds at bay.

My sweetie and I were not the only ones at the yellow casa who enjoyed a good dose of ice cream heaven.

Well, I think she enjoyed the container it came in more than the sweet treat itself. But I suppose it’s healthier than eating it’s contents, afterall, doesn’t cardboard contain fiber?


Lions and tigers and bears…Oh my!!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted pictures of anything that I’ve done, I figured you might be getting tired of seeing pictures of things I’ve just come across on the internet. So, I thought it was time to just do it, as Nike would say. Here are some pretty pictures I took this past weekend. My nieces and nephew came down for a visit, so like any good aunt would do, I fed them sugar and took them to the zoo.

I just can’t believe how big they’ve gotten. I’m beginning to understand why my Grandma always said she wanted to put a brick on my head so I’d stop growing. At the time it sounded scary and not to mention painful, but now I see why she said that. It’s hard seeing the little ones grow up.

We saw lots of really cool stuff at the zoo, or rather the BioPark as the good people at the City would prefer. We saw giant bees…

Giraffes eating grass…

Brick walls and the pretty blue sky…OK maybe the kids didn’t think that was as cool as Auntie did. But isn’t it pretty?

Pretty butterflies at the Butterfly Garden. I got some great ideas here for my yard. I’ll need to sit down and have a little talk with Annie dog. Maybe she and I can come to an agreement, she will stop eating my plants and I will continue taking her on car rides and giving her tummy rubs.

Aside from seeing butterflies and giraffes, we saw other wild animals. Like this specimen…

It was a great weekend, and I’m so glad that my family could come together for a day and see one another. Hopefully soon we can do it all over again.

We all scream for ice cream…

Well, unless you are lactose intolerant, then you don’t scream for Ice Cream. But I know I do, in fact, I would eat ice cream for dinner at least 5 times a week if my sweetie didn’t cook for me.  Then I would look like this…

Or maybe more like this…actually, I think I may have had a pair of sunglasses like these when I was a kid.  Don’t judge, it was the 80’s, everyone had funny looking sunglasses.

Recently, my sweetie and I were taking a stroll through the grocery store, yes we stroll…through the grocery store…my sweetie is a bit of a foodie (he hates that word, but he really is a foodie)  and what to my wondering eyes do appear, but a beautiful carton of BLUE BELL ICE CREAM!  I heard angels sing,  light shone on that wonderous carton of Pecan Praline. I tell you, it was like heaven in the freezer section of that grocery store.

What’s the big deal you ask, it’s just ice cream. JUST ICE CREAM!!!  It’s Blue Bell Ice cream, ice cream this New Mexican craved when she moved away from the southerenly portions of the US of A.  You see if you have no idea what I’m talking about then you’ve never spent anytime in the south, I don’t hold this against you, but I do reccommend you have some overnighted right away. It’s scrumptous!

Since anything sweet at  Casa de April is kind of a big deal  , I thought it appropriate to attempt do a weekly post about the most recent ice cream or dessert experiment.  Tonight I will sample Blue Bell’s Peaches and Cream. Come back soon for the results!

Independence, it’s a good thing!

With the coming of the 4th of July, and 4, no scratch that 5 house guests (one will be of the 4 legged persuasion), I’ve been thinking of sweet desserts that would be fun for the upcoming celebration of our independence, and the celebration of family getting together. Here are some yummy looking desserts thanks to Martha Stewart.

I love the way this table is set.  They can even make hot dogs and watermelon look fancy!

Are you salivating over these delicious desserts? I know I am. At least one or two of these desserts will be sampled at casa de April this weekend. If a certain someone named after a month isn’t too lazy.

But for now, I must complete the preparations for my guests. Have a happy and safe 4th everyone!!

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